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BGA (Ball Grid Array)

PolyBGA Adapter for BGA

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One of the latest in high-density, surface-mount packages.  The package is similar to PGA.  BGA pin connections are solder balls in a grid pattern, in the package bottom.

Package Variations
MicroBGA:  Same as BGA, except finer grids.  There are three prevalent Micro BGA pitches:  0.65, 0.75 and 0.8mm.

Interstitial BGA: (IBGA)  This package type carries additional pins, in a n offset pattern, in between the balls of a regular BGA pattern.  It almost doubles the available connections on the same package size as a regular BGA.

Critica Data
Pin Count
Lead Pitch -- Dimension P
Body Size -- Dimension B
Body Thickness -- Dimension F
Tip-to-Tip Dimension -- Dimension T
Foot Length -- Dimension L
BGA packages have only one type of adatper that can be used which is solder down.   This adapter has a base that is soldered down the same way an IC would be.   Then a break-out board goes on top to connect to your application.  One type of adapter is PolyBGA that can also be used as a socket.


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