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QFP or PQFP (Plastic Quad Flat Pack)

PolyPod Adapters
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QFPs are high-density, surface-mount packages with leads protruding on all four sides of the package.  The QFP has the most variations of any package type and must be carefully specified for adapters.

Package Variations
Ceramic Quad Flat Pack (CQFP):  General characteristics are similar to PQFP, but the body size can differ substantially.

Metal Quad Flat Pack ( MQFP):  Package material is metal and the body size varies from PQFP and CQFP.

Thin Quad Flat Pack (TQFP): A variant of the QFP package type with a body thickness of 2mm or less.
Very (small) Quad Flat Pack (VQFP):  Same as TQFP.

Critica Data
Pin Count
Lead Pitch -- Dimension P
Body Size -- Dimension B
Body Thickness -- Dimension F
Tip-to-Tip Dimension -- Dimension T
Foot Length -- Dimension L
QFP package have several types of adapters that can be build for them.
Green_Ball.gif (968 bytes) Clip-over adapters allow you to keep the QFP on your target board and access all the signals.

Green_Ball.gif (968 bytes) Solder-Down adapters soldered down to the QFP footprint on your target board.  The PolyPod adapters can be used to connect to test equipment (logic analyzers, in-circuit emulators) or be used as a socket.  This versitility allows for high-speed applications and multi-functional testing.


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