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SOIC (Small Outline IC)
A.K.A. Gull Wing Package
soic.gif (15458 bytes)
The first surface-mount package to replace small pin count (i.e. 8-16) DIP packages. They are also called "Gull Wing" packages, referring to the shape of their pins. Lately, they are very popular for higher pin count (up to 64 pins), mostly memory types of ICs. At first packages with a 50mil (1.27mm) lead pitch dominated, but over the last few years various higher density versions became popular.  These have acronyms such as SSOP, TSOP, TSSOP and so on, indicating features such as smaller (shrunk)pitch or thin package height.

Package Variations
SOP Pitch:  1.27mm
SSOP Pitch: 0.4, 0.5 or 0.65mm
TSOPs:  (See Link)

Critica Data
Pin Count
Pitch -- Dimension P
Body Width -- Dimension B
Body Thickness -- Dimension F
Tip to Tip Dimension -- Dimension T


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